Cayhill subdivision is located in Warrensburg Missouri. It is considered a high end subdivision with upper level homes. Currently they are building in zone 4 and 5 of the subdivision. Just recently the city of Warrensburg extended Veterans Road to allow access from the backside of Cayhill to the city and also provide a second entrance to the Subdivision. As of July 30th there are currently 5 properties ranging in price from $270,000 to $340,000. Cayhill does not list their lots for sale as they are purchased with the builder to be sure homes are built on the lot once the lot is purchased. If you are interested in doing a new build in the Cayhill subdivision give me a call (660-441-5302) and I can connect you with a builder who would be able to assist you in building a new home in Zone 4 or 5 of the Subdivision

Cayhill Homes for Sale